Saturday 14 July 2007

K.M.A.S.E Intermicronational Geophysical Year site

The K.M.A.S.E is Kaznias main scientific institute, it will be contributing to the "Intermicronational Geophysical Year". For more information on the Intermicronational Geophysical Year click here. The Intermicronational Geophysical Year will be running from July 1st 2007 to December 31st 2008, and the K.M.A.S.E will be conducting scientific experiments each month.

Experiment number 1

The Studying of squirrels in Kaznia

It has recently been noticed that there has been a rise in squirrel appearences in Kaznia, most notably in the southern part of Bashkira region and central Bolkaria region. Some times in the Kaznian mainland, you can hear squirrel squicks and chirps (even the occasional hoot of an owl). It is unknown why there has been an increase in animals in Kaznia, however this rise in squirrels, owls and doves has been welcomed by most, especially the King.


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